When you bring your church group you will be part of something much bigger than you could have imagined. Over the years we have seen how teams have helped change the city through their hard work and partnership with us. Your short-term team can be effective in sharing the gospel and Gods love with others, but beyond that you will see how the individual team members themselves will be greatly impacted in a long-term manner for the kingdom of God. Your team members will be challenged, given opportunities to mature, discover unknown gifts and passions and be able to go deeper in their commitment with Christ in their daily walk. We would love for your group to come and be part of this great opportunity.

We host a large variety of teams, from various locations, denominations, and sizes and for varying lengths of time. You can bring adult teams, youth groups, families, and even individuals. Your team can come for specific work projects, to run a VBS, focus on evangelism, partner with us in all of our community development projects, or even work in rehab centers that we partner with. You can work in Cancun or even travel to surrounding villages to work with the Mayan people. The length of time can vary as well from a single day up to 2 weeks. With your team we will provide an all-inclusive experience where we provide the housing, transportation, food, translators, and set up the ministry times, work projects and team dynamics such as worship and debrief times. All of these details can be worked out with your leader of the team to ensure the greatest impact not only here in Mexico through the ministry, but also for the team’s growth in their walk with Christ. You can also have a once in a lifetime experience on your day off, as we are a short drive from the best beaches in the world and near multiple world-class attractions including local Mexican markets that are just a short walk from your doorstep, cultural experiences will be all around you, so for more information please contact us.


If you bring a medical team, you can impact the local community in a unique and powerful way. We can set up outreaches for you focused on providing basic medical check-ups, dental work or even optometry. Whether you can donate your time for a day or if you can come for a week, we want to take your vocational skills and get you into the community working with those who have needs. It can be a local trip here in Cancun or we can travel to a village, or even be a mobile team that goes to a variety of locations. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information.


One of our strengths is our ability to host other YWAM bases outreach teams. It is not always easy to find a location where the contact can assist your team for the entire outreach, but we can do that here. Not only will you have the ability to incorporate into our local outreaches, but to also travel and partner with other ministries. You can work in Cancun, in surrounding villages or even states, or if you desire we can help you even get to one of the surrounding countries. When you come with us we will provide housing, transportation, translators and food. As fellow YWAMers we recognize the challenges that DTS or secondary school outreach teams face. Our heart is to make things easier for you by pluggin you into the amazing work that God is already doing. So if you would like to work with marginalized communities, children ministries, in rehabs, physical work projects, church discipleship and city-wide evangelism, please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide you with more information.