We are not called to be silent

At YWAM Cancun we have a great love for our city and we know that we are not called to be silent, but to be watchmen on the walls who call upon the Lord day and night and give no rest until he establishes himself in this city.  As a result of that we try to partner with local ministries, churches and non-profits to impact Cancun.  We work throughout the city doing various evangelistic programs.  Spending time in parks we use dramas and dances to share truths about Jesus as well as taking one on one time to pray with those who have come to watch.  We go to local hospitals to pray for the sick and their family members that are anxiously waiting for a miracle.  We go to local rehab centers to help share the love of Jesus and the freedom and forgiveness that is found in him.  There is so much more to be done and for us to relevant and effective we know that we can not only be a training facility, but we must be an outreach facility, not only speaking about Jesus, but being his hands and feet in a local and tangible level.

Would you like to assist us in this activity by giving your time or a financial donation?  With your help we will not only be able to continue the work we are doing but expand it.  Please click here to help us.