In the beginning stages of our ministry the Lord spoke to us that the way to transform a community was through it’s children.  So in 2013 we began Kingdom School in Cuna Maya.  It was with a simple heart to help educate children, but more importantly to disciple them.  We needed to teach them how to live life as believers.  We gave classes on reading, writing, English, the bible and biblical worldview.  What started with only 15 kids once a week has grown to over 100 children 3 times a week and now we are also reaching out to their moms.  For the moms we offer classes on discipleship, parenting, marriage, the bible as well as doing crafts.

Our heart is to continually grow and to be able to provide extra-curricular classes to these kids that they would not be able to receive anywhere else.  Some of them being soccer teams, dance classes, arts and crafts and woodworking.  As these kids get opportunities to express themselves artistically, they will grow into well-rounded adults, who have more to offer to their community.  As this process continues we hope to eventually form our own full-time school that would be able to provide a high-quality Christian education for these kids.

We have already seen positive results of transformation as some of the older kids now assist us in giving classes and as more and more doors open up in the community for us to go into the home and disciple families.

Would you like to assist us in this activity by giving your time or a financial donation?

With your help we will not only be able to continue the work we are doing but expand it.