When starting YWAM Cancun, the Lord spoke very clearly to be working and making an impact in the local community. He led us specifically to a community in need named Cuna Maya. It is located in Cancun, but is in an area of extreme poverty. Our work began with prayer in the community, followed by home visits. The Lord led our every step, opening doors to expand and to do new things. We began an educational program named Kingdom School, which opened up new opportunities. Through the school and all of the relationships we began to better know the community and it’s needs. Food and clothing donations began to be distributed followed by an initiative called ‘Techos Secos, Pisos Firmes’, Dry Roofs, Solid Floors. This program has a focus is to give each child in our program a safe place to live. We help local families through the support of missions’ teams by putting tin or concrete roofs on their homes and pouring concrete floors to replace their dirt floors. We later started making whole homes for families as well as sanitary projects. Also there is a company from the USA named Capstone Publishing, which has been sponsoring our educational programs. They have donated thousands of books for our library. With their help, we are teaching children to read in Spanish and English, allowing them to advance in the local school system and to be more successful. Our desire is to also start soccer teams and classes for various creative arts, allowing the children to have the opportunity to express them selves in different ways.  Our other goals are to create raised garden beds, water purification systems and to bring in medical teams to Cuna Maya.  As we work in this community, which is a pilot program for us, we long to continually improve it and multiply it in other locations.

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