A global vision of YWAM is to end bible poverty and we want to do our part.  Our goal is to provide a bible for every home, giving every family the opportunity to not only hear about God, but to study His word and be able to grow in His truths. As the Lord put this vision in our hearts during a time of prayer, we made a commitment with Him to do our part. Cancun is a city with a population of over 1 million people, so we decided to start first with Cuna Maya.  We began moving forward and the Lord provided for the bibles that we needed.  We have successfully covered the community of Cuna Maya and have reached over 700 homes.  Our desire is that this ministry would grow and to begin working in other regions of Cancun as the Lord leads us.

Would you like to assist us in this activity by giving your time or a financial donation?

With your help we will not only be able to continue the work we are doing but expand it.

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