We appreciate your financial help. Without it we would not be able to continue what we are doing or grow into what we are called to do. Your gifts help train up others while expanding the gospel throughout the world. God bless you.

    I would like to:

    YWAM Cancun is a non-profit organization.  All of our resources as a ministry or as individuals come as a result of the generous gifts of others.  For our work, we are dependent upon the body of Christ coming along side us to help in all that we do.  The quickest and easiest way that this can be done is through a financial gift.

      This could be a monthly commitment to assist us in our work, or it can be a variety of other options such as trimester, quarterly, or a yearly donation.

        This could be a gift given to support an individual, a specific project or a general donation.

          This type of donation helps us cover our general expenses that we have as a ministry in order to continue running our facility.  Depending on our current needs it may help to pay maintenance or work projects on our facility, repairs on vehicles, staff training or more.  These types of gifts help us in so many ways.

            This could be a gift to support a specific staff member who is faithfully serving along side us here in YWAM Cancun, see our staff page, or it can help us in one of our specific ministries or even one of projects such as for the property or van.

              Thanks to a partnership with KIDS AROUND THE WORLD, we are in the process of raising funds for a playground to install for the children of Cuna Maya.  For only $10,000 usd we will be able to install a USA quality playground on our facilities.  Would you like to partner with us to make this a reality?  You will be giving the kids of Cuna Maya a safe place to come and play, grow in social skills, and be providing a new tool for outreach into this amazing community.

                As a ministry that is constantly hosting teams and moving them to multiple ministry locations, we need reliable transportation.  Over the years we have received the amazing donation of two 15-passenger vans.  But both are high mileage and over 15 years old, which means high gas prices, high maintenance costs, no a/c and little reliability for long distance travel.  We are setting a goal to replace both vans with the 15 passenger Toyota Hiace.  A new van of this model costs roughly $24,000 usd.  But with these new vans we will save greatly on maintenance and in gas.  In gas alone we have calculated that we can save up to $600 usd a month when we are operating in our busy months, and in the slow months be saving $200 usd a month.  If you would like to help us improve our ability to move around and do our work, please partner with us towards the purchase of these new vans.  Thank you.

                  At YWAM Cancun we have been renting our ministry location since 2014.  It was a great start up location, capable of hosting up to 20 individuals at a time.  But as the years have passed our numbers have grown.  Instead of receiving a few groups a year, we now receive multiple groups a year, and at times their dates overlap or there numbers are over 30 people.  Along with that we are now running 5 month Discipleship Training Programs, which requires us to provide housing for the students.  As well our staff numbers are growing which continue to reduce available space.  We have been looking around for some time for a solution, but things are expensive.  For example, we found a small 11 room hotel with an attached restaurant which includes an industrial kitchen, yet it is listed at over 1 million usd.  As we have prayed for a solution we feel that the Lord is leading us to set up a savings fund, so that when the right time comes we will have the money to make a deposit on a new facility.  We would like to ask you to join us on this special project.  We are trying to be responsible by saving, and preparing for the future.  We know the growth will continue and we need the facility to grow along with it.  If you would like to help us towards this project, please donate and we will place it into our Building Savings Fund.  Thank you.