12 Jul
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Graduation of Kingdom Academy´s 1st Class

Friday at YWAM Cancun we had the first class graduation from Kingdom Academy. Kingdom Academy is the educational system that we started in February of this year as a strategy for community development and transformation of Cuna Maya, one of the poorest neighborhoods on the shores of Cancun: the dark side of the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

This graduation was starred by a dozen elementary school children and teenagers who finished their semester of classes at Kingdom Academy. During this time, they received classes in basic education, values, English, dance, and swimming. In addition to the students, their mothers participated in dramas that teach family values and discipleship. Our vision is not only to transform the lives of our students, but also those of their parents and entire families.

Kingdom School is the weekly program that is the spearhead of our holistic strategy that seeks to bring changes to such a marginalized community. In total, there are just over 150 children attend each Saturday to grow in school education, values, balanced diet, physical exercise, and Biblical discipleship, all with quality and at no cost to their families.

We believe that education with academic quality and values that mold Christocentric character, and models of life that our teaching staff exemplify, are vital to reach our goal. Social marginalization is resolved by working from within the individual; from the heart where the motivations are to have better initiatives for their relationships (family, work, social, etc.). The social programs of the government and of private assistance are useful and always welcome, but the impact and social transformation is assured when working on this binary strategy, otherwise, we run the risk of removing the individual from their environment of poverty, but not removing poverty from the mentality and the heart of the individual.

If you would like to volunteer to teach, serve in general, teach sports, art education, donate in kind, sponsor financially, or learn more about us, contact us! We will be happy to assist you and see in what ways we can collaborate together to extend this great opportunity to transform the present and make a better future!

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