07 Nov
  • By YWAM Cancún
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Missions, a Job or a Calling?

Well, I find my self thinking about the person of Jesus…

So many things to learn from. So often I want to make sure that Im pleasing the Father with my heart & actions. I’m the type or person that cares about what the Lord thinks about me. I wanna make sure I don’t just obey, which will mean that I’m just doing what is expected of me. I want to do what is not required, serve when I don’t have to, give when I haven’t been ask to.

“Missions are not a Job, are my daily life “

Be a missionary is a style of life, not schedule, not something that is ask of, be there for your local church, friends, neighbours, people around you, family, people that you don’t know, and the ones live life with you. Missons are a real deal for me. Jesus my biggest example of pleasing the Father with his heart & actions. Missions are not a Job, are my daily life!